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How Much Credit With Which Income

The loan offers are now available on the Internet via a comparison calculator. How many people do you have in your household? People Information InfoHow many people have their own income? The amount depends on age – and how much parents can give. Fine Bank as a securities house of the Across Lender offers you […]

Problems with loan repayment – what to do in such a situation?

They pretend that there is no problem: they ignore correspondence, stop answering calls. Meanwhile, the problem not only exists but even worse, it builds up. There are additional fees usually provided for in the agreement or regulations, interest for late repayments, in the further perspective – entries in the Credit Checker. Meanwhile, it can often […]

Credit card or loan?

Money, as everyone knows, does not bring happiness. It is also no secret, however, that their lack can be severe. The inability to purchase what is needed at a given moment is often a reason for frustration or further trouble. And yet situations in which (sometimes even suddenly, for now) additional funds are needed, and […]