What is creditworthiness? How To Improve Your Credit

You know what the car uses, how many square meters the apartment has, or what your best friend deserves. But what do banks, companies and information files like the Consumer Protection Association (KSV) know about you? Mostly more than you think and you should know that too.

So actively ask what data about you have been saved at KSV in the past months and years – positive and negative. This is the only way you know which transactions have an impact on your creditworthiness and can, if necessary, take countermeasures or even have erroneous data deleted. By the way : there are also credit checks for companies.


Improve creditworthiness

Credit rating for multiple loans

Buying a lot and paying little – that is rarely well received. This applies equally to credit installments and invoices. One of the most important factors for your credit score is your payment behavior.

Unpaid or even reminded bills make companies and banks pay attention. It gets worse when enforcement orders from debt collection agencies or even courts flutter into the house. Such negative payment characteristics are saved and have a negative impact on creditworthiness – often for years. And: Those who do not repay their loan installments on time will have a hard time with the next loan.


Credit rating for multiple loans

Be honest: You too have a loan or two going – at the bank, in the mail order company or at the internet retailer. Admittedly, the small loan or the financing in between are tempting. But are they also cheap and sensible?

Mostly not, because the interest rates of such small loans and installments are usually expensive and you quickly lose track.

Tip : bundle many small loans into a larger loan and reschedule them. This creates clarity in finances, reduces the overall interest burden and, incidentally, noticeably improves your credit rating. Because : fewer loans promote creditworthiness.


Cancel old bank accounts

Cancel old bank accounts

This is the old savings account, long empty. The credit card that nobody uses anymore. And the current account, over which no more money flows. All of this is registered and some credit agencies assume that you, as the debtor, are only disguising payments or even avoiding them entirely.

Tidying up : If you have many different accounts with different banks, you can demonstrably worsen your credit rating : So put away what you don’t need.


Improve creditworthiness


A small consumer loan here, a quick car loan there, maybe even a cheap home loan to explore: Nothing is easier than making loan inquiries online and comparing offers. Caution : Every regular loan request is registered and your creditworthiness deteriorates if you do not conclude the loan agreement.

Better : Make only credit-neutral credit inquiries and no credit applications if you only want to compare interest rates and conditions. This also protects the future creditworthiness enormously .

Debt old loans and save

If you want to reschedule an old loan, you can save a lot of money. Check now with the debt rescheduling calculator.

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